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Books and printing

  Process of the book's overall design is the carrier of book design, book the artistic design of the carrier. Overall design is the contents of the manuscript, theme and includes image, motion, composition, color, style, skills and all thought and skill content planning process. On manuscript every idea and every design is a book composed of external and internal, global and local, text message and image transmission, and technology to deliver a series of exploration process.
books is the core of the overall design layout, and design is the core of creativity. Creative thinking: books, Visual images, in the form of cultural implication, material and so on.
the book's overall design in the limited space (cover, layout), the book constitutes various elements-the font of text, pictures, graphics, line, lines, color-color blocks and other factors, according to the specific content of the arrangement, in accordance with the principle of the plastic arts, plans to design and Visual Forms of expression. Overall design plan should match the contents of the manuscript, and commensurate with the printing process. BACK