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Printing paper common sense can't be ignored

1, people still prefer paper, and will continue to use it. Are now adopting on-demand printing of books, many bookstores will choose to print color covers on coated paper, light coated paper, printed on a black and white text, then this combination will become more and more. 2, printing using opaque paper is the main reason more than offset printing paper has better opacity, and brightness are higher. In addition, people often use it to mention the smoothness of the prints, or match the cover paper weight.
3, paper mills are always announced rises, has never been lower paper prices. This year, the price of paper has gone through three, people should pay close attention to dynamic paper mills and paper distributors and find out the latest trend in paper prices. 4, the international community on China and Indonesia produces coated paper of the anti-dumping investigation will continue. United States Department of Commerce on September 12 to make a final decision, and the International Trade Commission's ruling is to begin on October 16. 5, we usually like to print color images on coated paper. For most applications, the coated paper is ideal for color printing, but some live parts can also be non-coated paper or printed on opaque paper, especially paper and cover. 6, coated Groundwood paper sometimes is offset paper ideal alternatives--it's cheaper, more loose and thick texture, while the basic weight is lower than regular paper. These are all advantages of Groundwood paper, and its shortcomings is bright enough, may reduce print quality and durability--this is a fatal blow to the books and papers. &Nbsp;    7, non-coated paper, and smooth than rough paper looks and feels better. And many printers and print buyers think they can use glossy paper printed out a better product, but it's not the truth. Unless the recipe on the Forte, otherwise, smoothing the paper more prone to faults such as ink spot, especially when printing large field color.
8, digital digital laser or toner and inkjet printing are quite different. Toner can be used with most coated paper or uncoated paper use. If you have a brand new toner printer, you can try regular offset printing on paper. Inkjet printing is much more trouble, although some inkjet printers can also be found printed on a specific paper, they spray the ink cannot be coated paper glued together, or very easily absorbed by the non-coated paper. 9, much more environmentally friendly than many people had thought the paper and electronic communications does not like what most people would consider environmental protection. Paper is a renewable resource, paper mills in most of the energy used in papermaking process is carbon-neutral, or at least renewable. From another point of view, the computer servers used per year United States 1.5% of electricity, 2007 United States produced a total of 2.2 million tons of e-waste, including 1.8 million tons were sent to the landfill, since 2000, and this figure is growing at a rate of 7.7% per year. BACK