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Global Green printing "original"

Without photographic imaging, will not pollute the environment, the printing process ... ... Green printing by our independent research and development of nano-material technology, a few days ago at the Chinese Academy of Sciences science and education industrial park in Huairou district nanometer material industrialization base started the green print printing technology used in official publications of the State printing, marks this technology from the laboratory to the market.
, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the science and education industrial park in Huairou district of Beijing Municipal Government jointly set up first took the lead in entering the project, green printing opens a new era in Huairou, perhaps flagging new opportunities in the printing industry. But at the same time, globalization opens green printing means, global printing for a new age. People seem to see that future printing of a Karen green, in Huairou began to sprout ... ... Nano-base lead into "Beijing's Green printing technology of nano-materials industry base including the Institute of chemistry of the two major industrial projects, and next-generation technology based on nano-materials projects and nano-materials printed green printed circuit board projects, covering a total area of 60 acres, a project with total investment of more than 100 million Yuan. "Institute of chemistry researchers, Song Yanlin, General Manager of Beijing new printing technology introduced, nanometer material industrialization base for green print printing technology in response to" Twelve-Five "national strategic emerging industry planning, implementation of the" Beijing and green Beijing and the people of science and technology Beijing "built strategic industry deployment. Base supporting Beijing's major science and technology projects "next-generation technology based on nano-materials" and "nano-materials printed green printed circuit board" industrialization, future products, including nano-materials printed circuit board, green printing plate making equipment, print media and related software.
at present, China's printing industry has an important impact on China's economy has developed into one of the industry. Completed of the nanometer material industrialization base of green printing technologies, means an independent master core technologies, hundreds of billions of Yuan worth of new high-end industrial chains in Huairou is born, which will stimulate and enhance the development and upgrading of Huairou industry significantly.
Beijing Nano material green print printing technology industrialization base a period engineering set research production, and integrated Office, and application show, and subsidiary service, function Yu one, main for nano material green printing sedan technology and nano material green printed circuit preparation technology of industrialization implementation, main products including nano turned printing material, and Super Pro-water version material, and green print sedan equipment and the related software, and nano material print printing flexible circuit, and RF antenna and the real networking application,.
in April this year, focuses on nanotechnology in energy, electronics, environment, bio-medicine and other four applications of Nano Science and technology industrial park is inaugurated in Beijing, led upstream and downstream applications of nano-materials, Nano-, Nano-devices industry chain link quickly gathered to develop and is expected to be realized an output value of 12 billion yuan. After fully completed industrial park, will become an important production base for nanotechnology research and development.
at present, Nano Science and technology industrial park in Beijing zhongkena technology company with Song Yanlin green printed RFID tags, Academician Wang Zhonglin Nano energy systems Institute 10 Nano-printing projects.
Green printing original to and existing technology compared, "based on Nano material of new sedan technology" on like is will traditional film photography into digital photography, omitted has exposure, and developer, and flush, cumbersome process, reduction of has process, completely overcome has photographic flush process brings of chemical pollution problem, in reached zero emissions of while reduced has printing cost, has many of integrated advantage and independent intellectual property, on China printing upgrade has revolutionary meaning. BACK