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China printing technology are entering new areas of service

Printing and printing equipment industries Association of China Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Lu Changan said recently that China printing machine industry farewell lead and fire, into the light and electricity, into the digital printing technology we are entering new areas of service. China was a printer and power, but it is still not printing power, from printed output currently at more than 800 billion yuan, which about 20 billion yuan of output value of printing equipment. Meanwhile, in digital printing, for example, our printing technology into new service areas, such as ceramic tiles, our tiles used to print with oil and then posted on the tiles, you can now press spray directly on the tiles. Flexible circuit boards, later development in Chengdu with digital fuel injection, spraying a variety of functions.
Lu Changan, said now the printing industry from the impact of new media and network media. For example, the rise of eBooks, as well as some schools now use the iPad, digital developments to some extent newspapers and books brings larger impact, and the impact this trend is quite evident. But for the printing industry and packaging industry is not going to suffer, because the digital development, such as industrial products, electronic products, retail product packaging will not be replaced, instead of printing in the packaging sector will flourish in the future.

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